Our Approach

Nelson Mandela once said; “It always seems impossible until it is done.” We believe that the film industry in East London can grow into a major player in South Africa and indeed the world. With our global view into story telling, we cannot be separated from our Africanness. That is what binds us and defines us. Many an African story has been told through Eurocentric point of views. We feel like it is time the world heard and watched African stories told through an Afrocentric point of view. We pride ourselves in beign able to work with the most internationally renowned big hitters and also small fish still trying to make an impact in the industry. Our extensive set experience garnered through international exposure forms our unshakeable backbone. All the projects that we get involved in we always make sure that they all see the light of day.

Our Story

It has been a very long journey for us which started in 2007 under the name Menesis Media. During that time we endeavored to make a feature film “Beta’s Summer Haze” with absolutely no budget at all. We depended on handouts and donations to make it possible for us to even finish production. We did finish it and the budgetary constraints reared its ugly head on the end product. The picture and sound quality were a disaster. That was a big lesson for us and it was just the beginning just as the title suggests “Beta”. It was a test phase to see if it would be possible to make a film in East London and Beta proved that it is possible. The lessons learnt then are what guides us today as we are on the lookout for the pitfalls that befell us then and also what really worked for us. It was truly humbling to be part of that huge exercise and experience first hand the kind of pitfalls that can happen during production from actors suddenly changing their minds and going awol on set to internal conflicts between actors. We learnt from all of that and we became better off it.

Now our focus is making as many productions as possible utilizing only local talent from actor to gaffer et al.

Meet the Team


I have proven to myself and to those around me that I can achieve anything I set my mind into, success is inevitable – that’s my motto. I take full advantage of everything that I deem to be resourceful, that is if it is legal and will contribute to my betterment.

I am a second year student at Walter Sisulu University – pursuing a Diploma in Journalism. Studying the course has enabled me to acquire skills in product development, content development, entrepreneurship, public relations, brand awareness, investigation and in writing. I have worked with a couple of my classmates to produce a short documentary. Since the journalism field is broad, I have also been involved in radio and script writing for WSU Online Radio News and Algoa Fm.

I am a people’s person and I have also worked as a receptionist at Abbostford Christian prior to taking station here at Afrikan Native Media House and I have since gained excellent communication skills.

My goals include; building up my reputation in the media industry, being a successful and well-recognized investigative journalist and in the long run, start my own versatile media company here in the Eastern Cape. Being born and raised in Mdantsane, I have noticed that this province is very rich in talent but there are no resources to nurture and enhance it, which is why those people who are fortunate enough migrate to popular cities to get exposure and recognition. My long-term goal is to bring them the exposure in their own hometown.


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